Electric Upright Bass



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The price is €6900,- (€5702,- excl 21% VAT).

This price includes the bass, the stand and the carbon aramid flightcase.

The procedure for ordering:

STEP 1: Request an Offer

I can send you a non binding offer if you copy, paste and fill out the following simple form into an email and send it to :


Desired color (black, blonde, red):


indication of desired date of delivery:

Address (only relevant in case of shipment delivery):
postal /zipcode:


STEP 2a: the offer, if available

IF a bass in the color you desire is available:
I’ll mail you a non binding offer including costs for shipment on 4 specific dates and the terms and conditions. Again: this offer is does not commit you to anything; this offer is not an invoice. Next: step 3

STEP 2b: the offer, if not available

If an instrument in the color you desire is not available;
I can put you on a waiting list. This waiting list does not commit you to buy, it only offers you priority if an instrument in the color you desire is available for sale. For more detailed information see also General Terms and Conditions

STEP 3: plan a date of delivery /shipping costs

For shipment I use Parcel International, which is a company that calculates and compares up-to-date prices of renowned companies like UPS, FedEx, TNT and DPD to a specific address.
Shipment prices may fluctuate from day to day, especially when shipment on short notice is required. Note that shipment costs tend to get significantly higher the closer you plan to the current date; for example, if shipment costs are €200,- when the planned delivery date lies 14 days ahead, that same shipment may cost €800,- 12 days later. So there’s a little time pressure here, but by good planning and simply acting quickly problems can be avoided. Note that I do not ship unless security for payment has been provided.

To give you a general idea of shipping prices including shipment insurance, (excluding taxes):

Buenos Aires
Los Angeles
New York

Prices above were calculated februari 2014
Note that in international trade your local custom office will probably charge import tax and other fees, I have no control over those charges and cannot predict what they will be; you can check with your local customs office for the specifics.

If you want to, you can of course arrange shipment yourself. Or come to me to pick it up yourself. For that you may want to know the dimensions and weight:

Step 4: The agreement

As soon as you let me know you accept my offer including the General terms & conditions, shipment method and shipment date, you will receive an invoice.
The agreement is concluded by the acceptance by me (Lingsma) of an electronic, oral or written order placed by you (the customer).

Step 5: Payment and Delivery

Payment (in euro) occurs as arranged beforehand in the offer that is confirmed in the agreement (e.g. credit card, Paypal, bank transfer…). You can of course also come to my address to collect the bass + stand + flightcase and pay cash.

NOTE: In case of distance selling, the customer has the right to cancel a buying contract of a product within a “cooling-off period” of 14 days upon delivery, the ‘right of withdrawal’.
For more detailed information on this please check clause 4 of the General terms & conditions.

I hope this gives a good idea of the order procedure. If questions remain, feel free to ask me at: