Electric Upright Bass



Resonator block

resonator block

The resonator block is designed to get the authentic character of an acoustic bass into an eub. What, how, why…?


EUB stand Compared to the acoustic bass, the eub offers opportunities to redifine the ergonomic experience.

Neck angle adjustment

Neck angle adjustment

Yes, that’s a picture of crocodile. With a halter and bit. The article is still about neck angle adjustment though.


endpin and lever

The endpin is traditional, and has its ergonomic benefits, so that’s why I added one. Although the traditional winged nut or screw knob is replaced by …

Hardware, Electronics And Materials

electric upright bassHere you can read which woods I’ve chosen, which strings and why, which electronics and why…
What is it, ‘carbon’, and why did I use it?



The lightweight carbon-aramid flightcase has room for bass and stand…



telescopic stand
V-blocks clamped
Bow hanger
bow hanger

EUB stand

In general

Starting point when designing the stand was not to look at ‘what the acoustic bass is’ and translate /copy the ergonomic properties into a stand, but to start with a clean slate and see if the eub, being a slim instrument, offers possibilities to redesign the ergonomic experience.

Many eub designs have an endpin just like the acoustic bass has. Other eub designs use a tripod, somewhat like the tripod you see in drumkits. The instrument is fix-mounted rigidly upon this. These two methods are more or less what bass-players are used to, so I cannot change to much.

Playing with an endpin is what comes closest to the ergonomic experience of playing an acoustic bass. So I want to keep that. But then again, where do you leave the eub during a performance, for instance if you want to switch to bass guitar for a particular song?; you need a stand anyway.

(I assume) the thought behind the tripod solution is to get rid of the bass leaning in the playing hand and against your body all the time. A great idea, but I have always found the rigidity, the ‘unfexibility’ of this solution somewhat unsatisfying; I would like the freedom to move the bass in any angle while playing, but without having to support its weight.

Video showing setting up of the stand in just half a minute and the degrees of flexibity

EUB stand - Electric Upright Bass | Lingsma


How come it is always balanced, even if you turn it upside down? Well… Simple physics tells us that if you hang any random shape from its center of gravity, it is balanced. ALWAYS. No matter which position you hold it, as long as you hold it at the center of gravity, it is balanced.

So this is the principle I used. The bass has a hole drilled towards the center of gravity. The bass hangs /rests on a stainless steel ball that acts as a ball bearing /hinge. There is enough friction on the ball bearing, so the bass is not too flexible; it doesn’t move on the slightest touch and you can bow it just like you would on a ‘regular’ tripod stand.

Once you’ve tasted this freedom, you don’t want to go back, at least, that’s my personal experience. But IF you want to use the good old endpin, you can of course.

placing feet
Placing of feet in V shape

Placing your feet

Then there was another issue. A ‘traditional’ tripod stand hinders ergonomic experience; since the eub has no big body like an acoustic bass does, you can stand closer to the instrument. When doing this, I noticed I wanted my feet to be where the tripod was. So I’ve designed feet-space; an a-symmetrical open V shape, so you can place your foot or stool where you want it to be, not hindered by any tripod-leg.

For left handed players; just turn the V the other way round and put the telescopic tube into the ring from the other side (‘upside down’).

foot lever
foot lever to adjust the gass spring

Height adjustment

Final touch: the bass stand is height-adjustable via an aluminum telescopic mechanism with a custom made low friction blockable gass-spring mounted inside.
Pushing the foot lever releases the height lock so the bass can be moved up and down without you having to carry all the weight of the bass; a pleasant ergonomic user experience.

Height adjustability: in the highest position, the height of the nut is at 190cm above the floor, in lowest position, the nut is at 150cm.