Electric Upright Bass



Resonator block

resonator block

The resonator block is designed to get the authentic character of an acoustic bass into an eub. What, how, why…?


EUB stand Compared to the acoustic bass, the eub offers opportunities to redifine the ergonomic experience.

Neck angle adjustment

Neck angle adjustment

Yes, that’s a picture of crocodile. With a halter and bit. The article is still about neck angle adjustment though.


endpin and lever

The endpin is traditional, and has its ergonomic benefits, so that’s why I added one. Although the traditional winged nut or screw knob is replaced by …

Hardware, Electronics And Materials

electric upright bassHere you can read which woods I’ve chosen, which strings and why, which electronics and why…
What is it, ‘carbon’, and why did I use it?



The lightweight carbon-aramid flightcase has room for bass and stand…



The Flightcase

The handmade flightcase has room for the bass and the stand.

  • Core of the flightcase: EPS100, polyurethane. EPS (expanded polystyrene) is highly resiliant to pressure; EPS is also used as a casting material for foundations of housing. Both EPS and polyurethane (expanded) are shock absorbing while they are poor conductors of heat; they isolate temperature. The thickness of the flightcase ‘wall’ is at least 4cm.
  • Shell of the flightcase: carbon /para-aramid fiber in epoxy resin. Carbon provides the strength and stability, while para-aramid provides shock resistance. Para-aramid is also known as ‘Kevlar’®, and is for instance used in ballistic vests and (the more expensive) wild water canoes.
  • The drawbolts are rivetted onto the flightcase and have a lock-eye for a padlock or seal.
  • The Ø100mm wheels have 2 ball bearings (ABEC 5) each.

Dimensions and weight of the flightcase

Weight of the total package (= including bass and stand) for shipment: 21 kg (46,3 lbs)
dimensions: l x w x h = 174cm x 42cm x 25cm (5.71ft x 1.38ft x 0.82ft)

21kg looks a lot in absolute sense, and it is. But to give an idea of how light this actually is; it’s the volume of an adult weighing only 21kg/ 46 lbs.