Electric Upright Bass



Meanwhile, in the kitchen… brewing a new model

I am (and have been) working on a new model, check the article for more details!

Making a Neck

link to: new-model-sneak-preview
A in this article a ‘making of’ photo reportage of the new bass’ headstock. More info on the new model to follow.

Pickup placement on an Acoustic Upright Bass

Pickup placement on an Acoustic Upright BassesWhat choices have to be made when you want to record an acoustic upright bass, and what exactly makes it so difficult to record an acoustic upright bass?

Chladni Patterns

link to: Chladni patterns
In lutherie, Chladni patterns are used to visualise the -often spectacular- deformations of a resonating plate (the article contains explanatory video).

String Choice

link to: string choice
This article is meant to give you insight in string design, so you have more to go on than to judge the string by the color and lettertype of the package

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String Choice


String choice

There’s a wide array of strings you can choose from, from gut to the modern high tech strings. This article is meant to provide you with some theoretic background, which might help you to choose the right strings for yourself. I’ll also discuss what considerations are made when it comes to designing strings for basses and finally I’ll motivate my choice for the Thomastik Spirocore.

I’ve always found waves have something magical to it. Whether it’s a snake ‘walking’ through desert sand, the bulging V-tail at the back of a motor boat or a slinky; just like magnets waves keep fascinating me.

sidewinder snake
sidewinder snake (image source)

motorboat wave (image source)
Tin Can Phone
Tin Can Telephone (image source)

Also on a theoretical level I find waves are fascinating phenomenae; waves transport energy without transporting matter (ocean waves for instance), waves also transport information without transporting matter (tin can telephone).

The pendulum writes a sinusoid wave
A pendulum that writes a sinusoid wave

The sinus wave

To understand string design, a little basic knowledge is necessary. You probably heard about the sinusoid wave; this is the simplest and purest waveform. It can for example be derrived from a pendulum movement and from a uniform circular movement (actually, this pendulum movement is a ‘flattened’ version of a uniform circular movement, but never mind that).

From 'wheel' to (co)sinuswave
From ‘wheel’ to (co)sinus wave